Sunday, 20 September 2009

Yarn at I Knit Weekender

Autumn in the Woods, originally uploaded by sparkleduck.

This is probably my favourite out of the yarns that I sent to the I Knit Weekender. It's a merino lace / cobweb weight, in a colourway called 'Autumn in the Woods'. It's autumnal, without scaring those who aren't exceptionally fond of orange.

Copper Beech, originally uploaded by sparkleduck.

This is another of my favourites - a merino / silk lace weight in 'Copper Beech'. The true colour is slightly browner than I can see on my screen right now. I dyed some baby alpaca / cashmere / silk laceweight in this colourway this week - just one skein, to see if I liked it, and it's not going to escape - it's going to become a Damson shawl for me. I think I'll be dyeing more of this one...

The Birds Ate the Berries, originally uploaded by sparkleduck.

This one is 'The Birds Ate the Berries', on a 100% merino sock yarn. It's a high twist yarn, and quite bouncy. It was inspired by the evidence left behind (usually on your nice, clean car or windows) when the birds have discovered the brambles.

If you missed it at I Knit, there should be sparkleduck yarn available from the Woolly Workshop shortly.

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