Thursday, 7 March 2013

Unravel 2013

That was January and February zooming by...
January was rather grey, February was a bit brighter, and then there was Unravel at Farnham Maltings!

As ever, the Maltings was wonderfully decorated yarnbombed (and this year, the sheep on the front lawn didn't make a bid for freedom). The theme for the riverside cafe was 'Under the sea'. I think my favourite was the shoal of fish suspended from the ceiling. Visa Lisa has a nice slideshow on her blog of her experiences of the weekend.

Our stand was in the courtyard Kiln - a lovely light room at the end of a corridor. We shared the room with UK Alpaca and Hoopla Yarn. After setting up our stalls on Friday, we all decided that the sign out in the corridor looked a little cold and lonely, so on Saturday morning, we decorated it and found it some friends (to the delight of Amy from the Maltings).

I spent Friday evening crocheting scarves for the pair of tiny ducks.
(yes, I can crochet if I have to, and I didn't have any dpns with me for my initial i-cord plan)

The bigger ducks were presiding over the stand
We were so busy that I didn't get chance to escape to take many photographs or to go shopping for very long (shock, horror!), although I did manage to get a felting kit from Jenny Barnett, one of the Unravel festival bags, some Hoopla Yarn, and a hooky project pouch from the Undercover Owl. And, I had a nice catch-up with OneHandKnits (who didn't tell me that she had a lovely new pattern out!), and I met Ruth from Rock + Purl and the list of things-I-really-want-to-knit expanded even further...

Thank you so much to everyone who came to say hello, bought yarn, chatted, brought sweeties and made it such a wonderful two days. I'm looking forward to next time!